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Posted by Pam & Keith Ryden on 20/09/2015

We would like to say a really big Thank You to Debbie and Mike for organising a brilliant day out to Portland on Saturday. A wonderful day! Thank You very much. Pam & Keith

Posted by Diana on 24/09/2014   Email


Posted by Pam Ryden on 14/02/2013

Well done David. Brilliant website, lots of information and all up to date. Great to look back at all the photos. Keep up the good work. Pam.

Posted by bev summerill on 30/05/2012   Email

Well done Dave a really good site

Posted by Joel Chapman on 24/05/2012   Email

Great new website! Very easy to follow

Posted by Phil and Jan on 21/05/2012

Well done, Dave! lot of hard work on the site and it shows. Of course well done to all the leaders, greetings to all our fellow walkers and sincere thanks to Joy.

Posted by Juliette Dickinson on 15/05/2012   Email

Fantastic promotional tool for this wonderful community service. We are very grateful to have such committed volunteers and we could not run this without you. Thank you

Posted by Clare Bill on 15/05/2012   Email

Well done on a great website, its really easy to read with loads of useful information. I wish all of your groups many enjoyable walks.

Posted by Ali on 14/05/2012

Great website, lots of information for the first time walker and those regularly taking part. Very easy to find the information you are looking for.

Posted by Louise Bulmer on 14/05/2012   Email

Excellent, informative website.

Posted by Robert Rowling on 10/05/2012   Email

David Good work

Posted by jenny dilley on 10/05/2012   Email

Looks good David. You have put a lot of work into it. It will be good for people viewing the site for the first time, looking for a walk sceme

Posted by Roger on 10/05/2012

Great work Dave ! You have put in a huge amount of time and effort to put this site together and it shows. Thank you.

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